This Italian Power Couple Shutdown the Front Row at Guccis’s Cruise Shows

This Italian Power Couple Shutdown the Front Row at Gucci’s Cruise Show


Someone call the Pope! Did two angels just float down onto the front row at Gucci’s show in Rome? Not quite. But it does appear that the Italian-Tunisian rapper Ghali and the supermodel Mariacarla Boscono are a match made in heaven. The amorous couple, who has been pictured locking lips over the past several months, attended the brand’s Cruise 2020 presentation, drifting onto the scene dressed in ethereal all-white and holding hands. Boscono wore a thigh-grazing minidress complete with puffed pleated peasant sleeves and ruffled bib. To add an angelic finish, she sported a sparkling crown.

As for Ghali, the lanky, 25-year-old rapper known for his smooth flow and highly stylized videos (not to mention a wildly enthusiastic fan base!), looked equally divine in a semi-sheer shirt with baroque ruffled collar and an embroidered shawl. (A fan video showed Boscono adorably buttoning the her beau’s shirt before they stepped out together.) Looped under his arm was a tiny white purse, and to emphasize his tall frame further still, he wore a pair of wide-leg trousers.

While both were otherworldly all on their own, the pair was clearly twinning from head to toe: naturally, both sported a version of Gucci’s famed loafers. And if that’s not love, we don’t know what is.

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