Hip Hop’s Favorite Cowboy Is a Fashion Star in the Making

Hip Hop’s Favorite Cowboy Is a Fashion Star in the Making

Lil Nas X is having an undeniable moment. After his now-inescapable song “Old Town Road” blew up last month, he’s become one of the few cultural figures (along with Cardi B, perhaps) that just about everyone is rooting for right now. There’s something utterly pure about the way that he dances in a custom nudie suit, huge grin plastered on his face, at the end of his recently released short film, and this joyful spirit is clearly infectious. Making the rounds on the Internet today is an adorable video of a group of young elementary school kids singing along (and absolutely losing it) to “Old Town Road” with Lil Nas leading the charge.

In case you thought that was the most precious Lil Nas X moment of the day, he just managed to one-up himself. Lil Nas, wearing a white cowboy hat, showed off his new puppies (named 7 and 9) in Cleveland, all while wearing a pale yellow and rust brown-accented Eckhaus Latta hoodie, no less. It’s a surprising fashion-savvy turn for the young artist, whose rise has naturally featured countless rustic pairs of leather boots, suede-fringed denim jackets, and cowboy hats, of course. Lil Nas might have so-called yee haw-style down pat, but he’s clearly just as capable of wearing every New York City artist’s favorite brand. Here’s hoping that, given Eckhaus Latta’s penchant for unconventional models, Lil Nas will walk the runway in Bushwick next New York Fashion Week.

Lil Nas X in an Eckhaus Latta hoodie.

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